gnome-vfs does not compile.

Tony Shadwick tshadwick at
Tue May 17 10:00:04 PDT 2005

Few really quick questions here:

1. When was the last time you cvsup'd your ports tree?
2. Have you checked to make sure the rest of your ports are current?

If 1. is recently, and 2. is yes, then I'd make clean on it and try to use 
portinstall gnome-vfs and see what happens.  If you answered "never", or 
"quite a while ago" to the first one, I strongly suggest cvsup'ing your 
ports first, then make sure your other ports are current before attempting 
to proceed, then try portinstall gnome-vfs.


On Tue, 17 May 2005, Gregory Nou wrote:

> When I try to compile gnome-vfs-2.10.1, I get this :
> libtool15: link: CURRENT `1000' is not a nonnegative integer
> libtool15: link: `1000:1:1000' is not valid version information
> gmake[3]: *** [] Erreur 1
> That's quite surprising. Why does it say 1000 is not a nonnegative integer 
> ???
> Does anyone knows how I could fix this ?
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