freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 92, Issue 40

Jay O'Brien jayobrien at
Mon Mar 28 08:49:40 PST 2005

Christopher Kelley wrote:

> Jay,
> I have found the FreeBSD basics articles over at to be 
> invaluable.
> Linky:
> The two articles "portupgrade" and "Ports Tricks" (currently about 13 
> articles down) are valuable enough to me that I printed them out!
> I know it does sometimes seem that you need to know the answer before 
> you know what to google for, but until someone invents a better way to 
> search (e.g. somehow knowing the context of your search), it's worth 
> trying a few different things in google.
> Christopher


Thanks. I thought I had caught all of Dru Lavigne's articles that applied,
but I missed the "Ports Tricks" one. A good read.


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