make x LC_ALL=C: command not found.

Alan Jay alan at
Thu Jun 30 21:07:30 GMT 2005

Aron I have just installed a FreeBSD 5.4 system and have ended up with the
same situation did you work out what you did and fixed it?


I installed the OS created a new SMP kernel and everything was fine I came to
install some applications and I always get this message now and also get it
when I try to rebuild the kernel or world.

Any ideas?




> -------------------------


> I get the following error.
> LC_ALL=C: command not found.
> "Makefile", line 155 warning: "LC_ALL=C date" returned non-zero status
> MAKEFLAGS=: Command not found.
> Make now fails to the above error on every thing.
> I'm not certain what I did to break it but I'm sure it has my name all 
> over it.
> Thanks,

> Aaron


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