Xorg screen alignment

Ian Barnes ianb at opteqint.net
Thu Jun 30 20:38:39 GMT 2005



Im running x.org with kde 3.x ontop of that. Now  when I start X my screen
is off to the right a bit. What I do to get it right is run xvidtune and
move it left 4 times. Then its perfect.


The settings that I get from xvidtune are:


HDisplay: 1024

HSyncStart: 1056

HSyncEnd: 1152

HTotal: 1312


VDisplay: 768

VSyncStart: 769

VsyncEnd: 772

VTotal: 800


Pixel Clock (MHz): 78.80

Horizontal Sync (kHz): 60.06

Vertical Sync (Hz): 75.08


Now in my x.org config. These are my two settings:


HorizSync   31.5-60.2

VertRefresh 56.3-75.0


I have tried adjusting those numbers to reflect what I get from xvidtune but
to no avail. Any idea on how I could get it to align perfectly from start?


Then another question:


How can I get my mouse scroll wheel working in X? I am using a USB Logitech




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