raid1 with gmirror (some questions left)

P.U.Kruppa root at
Thu Jun 30 17:16:01 GMT 2005


I have to set up a new proxy for our school. Since I found two 
identical IDE disks, I gave a software raid1 with gmirror a try.
I set the two disk as primary and secondary master, ie. ad0 and 
ad2, and followed Ralf Engelschall's excellent HowTo at
(Approach 1: Whole disk)

As far as I can see, booting from gm0 works fine. There are only 
two questions left:
1) I installed FreeBSD 5.4 -RELEASE and thus I put - as
    recommended (or was that only for 5.3 ???) - swapoff="YES into
    my /etc/rc.conf .
    Now my raid1 device doesn't show any swap partition. Is this
    o.k., or should it be reactivated somehow?
2) In case one of my disks fails (let's say ad2), what is the
    correct procedure to exchange it? My guess:
    - power down my machine
    - insert new disk
    - # gmirror configure -a gm0
    - # gmirror insert gm0 /dev/ad2
    - wait until
      # gmirror list
      shows both disks active again

    That's it?

Thanks for your answers,


* Peter Ulrich Kruppa - Wuppertal - Germany * 

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