recommended behaviour for "example" configuration files

Philip Hallstrom freebsd at
Thu Jun 30 16:12:32 GMT 2005

> Kindly advice what is recommended actions for the "example"
> configuration files after the port application install.
> From the point of package database the removing or moving those files
> will cause database inconsistency.
> From the point of administrator to have a lot of useless files in
> configuration directories is unwanted .
> Example: after installations of amavis-new port there was 3 sample
> files in /usr/local/etc/ directory:
> *amavisd.conf-default
> *amavisd.conf-dist
> *amavisd.conf-sample

I tend to leave them there unless it's an application I'm really familiar 
with as I find the samples tend to have pretty good comments and I might 
want to go back and look at them.

I agree though, they do get in the way at times, but when I have removed 
them, I don't remember pkg_delete every complaining about it... maybe a 
warning that it couldn't find the file (which might be a problem if you 
for other pkg_* commands)...


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