wine config in FreeBSD [SOLVED]

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Thu Jun 30 02:47:43 GMT 2005

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Subject: wine config in FreeBSD

> Hello,
>     Just wondering if anyone could direct me to where wine configuration
> is done by default under FreeBSD. I need to setup Wine, and I would like
> to use a systemwide conf file (/etc/wine.conf in Linux) or the user
> config file in ~/.wine/config. The issue is that I don't know what
> default values are being used, so I can't use the defaults when planning
> out my personal config file and every time I try to use winetools to
> setup Wine, I have issues with the drive mappings, etc.
>     Thanks for your help,
> -Garrett

Ah, figured out what the issue was (sort of). The proper 'fix' when using
winetools is as follows:

1. Run winetools.
2. Generate a C: folder.
3. _Immediately_ edit your config file in .wine so that instead of using
$HOME for your home directory, it should be "/usr/home/[username]" (or
whatever the full path of your home dir is). If you don't do that, hehe..
many many problems will occur.

Maybe editing the config file to allow for symlinks would solve the issue as
well, but that causes problems with recursive symlinks I would think (ie
/boot/boot in Linux >_>).


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