Ping and general network weirdness

Phil Cooper sendphilmail at
Thu Jun 30 00:27:02 GMT 2005

As far as I know, not knowing much, doesn't the win XP box which  
connects to the net do all the DHCP and local DNS when XP's internet  
connection sharing is turned on? Which it is. It's at,  
which netstat is correctly reporting as the default gateway...

So is it a case of working out how to get XP to update things?

On 30 Jun 2005, at 01:22, Christopher Black wrote:

> It depends where fragile is mapped to the IP.  If it's only in the  
> hosts
> file, the other machines have no way of knowing, and will probably  
> fail
> to resolve 'fragile' to an IP.  If it's in DNS somewhere, you just  
> need
> to correct the DNS record.

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