Software RAID-1 on FreeBSD 5.4

Casey Scott casey at
Wed Jun 29 19:38:09 GMT 2005

I have had a lot of sucess with ccd. Its pretty simple to configure.
Basically, you just add the kernel device. Label the disks, do a ccdconfig
ccd0 <stripe size> 0  /dev/<drive #1> /dev/<drive #2>. Then newfs ccd0 and
mount it where you want it.


> Hello everybody,
> I have 2 120 Go Drives installed on my FreeBSD 5.4 Box. I want to create
> with these 2 disks a software RAID-1 solution. I wanted to use vinum but
> lots of people say that vinum is very unstable on FreeBSD 5.4. So I am
> asking you what is the best solution to make RAID-1 on FreeBSD 5.4.
> Thank you for your answers
> Best Regards,
> ptitoliv
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