postfix vs. qmail?

Jacob S stormspotter at
Wed Jun 29 14:00:14 GMT 2005

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005 08:48:11 -0400
brian.barto at wrote:

> For one who wants to host email accounts for multiple domains, which
> is better? I've started installing and configuring qmail according to
> the tutorial on but i'm wondering if i should stop and
> consider postfix before pressing on.

I'm another person switching to Postfix from Qmail. The final push that
made me look at Postfix was a problem I was having in Qmail. One of the
patches I needed didn't work properly on my 64bit Sparc system (or it
could have been a conflict between two patches, I wasn't totally sure) -
causing memory errors and some seemingly random mail loss. And if you've
spent any time on the Qmail list you'll notice answers to that kind of
problem are usually 1) stop using that patch, qmail works fine and
doesn't need patches 2) debug the C and show us which part is causing
the problem or 3) stop bugging us and contact the patch author. 

So I switched to Postfix instead. :-) The one thing I miss is the use of
.qmail files or an equivalent with my virtual domains and mysql backend,
but there have been several threads on here for ways to do it without
the mysql. It's on my list of things to get to eventually...


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