postfix vs. qmail?

Antony Mawer lists at
Wed Jun 29 13:48:22 GMT 2005

On 29/06/2005 11:13 PM, MikeM wrote:
> On 6/29/2005 at 8:48 AM brian.barto at wrote:
> |For one who wants to host email accounts for multiple domains, which
> is
> |better? I've started installing and configuring qmail according to the
> |tutorial on but i'm wondering if i should stop and
> consider
> |postfix before pressing on.
>  =============
> I started using qmail but eventually switched to Postfix.  I found that
> qmail required several [conflicting] patches to get the feature level I
> wanted.  I also did not like the need to move my box towards what djb
> thought a *nix box should be set up.  Postfix seems to want to just
> drop in to a standard environment.   But the items that really made the
> choice easy for me are that the Postfix mailing list is excellent, and
> that Postfix development is still alive.
> I host multiple virtual domains with Postfix (and Courier-IMAP for the
> pop3 amd imap support).  

I'm another former qmail user who converted to Postfix. I got tired of 
having to use unsupported patches for qmail to do anything because it 
didn't fit in with djb's view of how the world should work. Postfix 
requires a greater time investment in terms of the configuration files, 
but happily integrates into FreeBSD and is actively developed.

(Another echo of support for Courier IMAP as well :-)


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