[FYI] QT4 licensing looks very bad for *BSD

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Wed Jun 29 11:32:22 GMT 2005


I don't want to scare anyone but today QT4 was released and their web page


specifically states several times that if using the free version one is 
required to release their own code under GPL. That's effectively a 
requirement to relicense which goes much further than the GPL itself. The 
former licensing amounted to "abide to the GPL or QPL" as is normal for a GPL 
project and in that case one could release code under BSDL and if anything 
let the next guy worry about it (if they want to distribute a derivative).

I think this should be discussed. I already sent the Trolls an email asking 
for clarification about this, or rather if it's as bad as it seems for us. 
Perhaps they just overlooked the *BSDs...


PS keep your flames to yourselves. This is serious.

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