Still trying to get my site up!

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>Actually, anonymous FTP does work. I was not specific enough before.
>My next endeavor will be to set up FTP correctly. Do you have any
>recommendations for an FTP client that is reliable and simple to

What operating system do you want to run the client on?

>By the way, the blocking of port 80 as well as port 25 is becoming a
>rather common occurrence. I am surprised that you are not more familiar
>with this practice.

Port 80 blocks have always been popular on cable in order to deter
porno sites from using cheap cable connections.  It used to be a
common practice for porno sites to setup on cable then spam the world
with a throwaway URL, collect their credit card payments for their
porno which they generally stole from other porno sites, then move on
when they got booted.

However they are not common on DSL for reasons I explained elsewhere.

But with port 25 your ISP really has it backwards.  The block is supposed
to be for OUTBOUND traffic for a DESTINATION of port 25.  This prevents
your ISP from hosting spammers and viruses.  Blocks on INBOUND traffic
with a destination of port 25 are useless.


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