Still trying to get my site up!

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>The bottom line is that it works. In the final analysis, that is all
>that matters.

No, in the final analysis, what matters is that you understand what
your doing - if you don't then you can cause problems for other people
on the Internet.  Not to mention misleading others and thus causing more of
a support burden for the folks who know what they are doing.

Being a clueless admin is not something to be proud of, we already
have way too many of them.  You have already shown yourself a bit
smarter than the average because you asked for help instead of just
trying bandaid after bandaid until stumbling over some kludge that
kind of worked.  Don't fuck that up by copping an attitude that ignorance
is bliss.

>Thanks for your input though.

"input" implies something that you have a choice of accepting or not,
I really don't care for such politically correct terminology.  "help"
is a far better word, here.  What you got was help that you really needed to
have before you started screwing around with something that is over your head.
If you don't want to be labeled a horses-ass, you don't have a choice on
whether to learn from instruction, or not.  I hope you don't want to be
a horses-ass.


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