Upgraded Perl; and lo, errors cause exim to fail

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Tue Jun 28 22:22:23 GMT 2005

Joe Altman wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 05:52:58PM -0400, Trey Sizemore wrote:
>>When you say embedded, what do you mean?  How do I go about reading the
>>documentation so that I can find the correct syntax for the command?
> You can look at the man page. There are two basic commands, outlined
> in the man page:
> man perl-after-upgrade

Also, with this script and with most well-written perl scripts, 
modules, libraries, etc., you can do

perldoc perl-after-upgrade

to read the perl "pod" commentary that is literally embedded inside 
the perl code (making the documentation OS independent and 
inseparable from the script). In this case, result is the same as 
the man page. See also:

perldoc perlpod

for more information on embedded Perl documentation.

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