Softupdates Question

Scott Sipe cscotts at
Tue Jun 28 19:40:45 GMT 2005


At work we're running some rather old accounting software that tells  
us to disable oplocks and all caheing on our file server (and our  
clients)--Samba/FreeBSD isn't officially supported (the only  
platforms that are are Windows Server and Novell--yes, it's old) but  
we've been running fine on this configuration.

The software is sensitive to data caching issues etc, and corruption  
is occasionally an issue.

I have all oplocks disabled for the share in samba, and at the moment  
I have softupdates disabled on the accounting software mount.

My question is, does activating softupdates add any risk of data  
loss? My guess is no, but I've wanted to play it safe. Our other  
samba shares all have softupdates enabled and do fine, and speed is  
becoming somewhat of an issue.


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