Devd not processing a Notify statement when started at boot

Daniel Rucci rucci at
Tue Jun 28 18:28:24 GMT 2005

Hi, Devd doesn't seem to be reading my whole devd.conf file when it 
first starts (via system startup scripts):
In my /etc/devd.conf I have added the following entry:
notify 10 {
    match "system"      "ACPI";
    match "subsystem"   "Lid";
    action "/usr/X11R6/bin/xrandr -s 0";

my /etc/rc.conf has devd_enable="YES". Devd seems to start when i boot
When i run /etc/rc.d/devd restart it says:
Stopping devd.
Starting devd.
instead of,
devd not running?
Starting devd.

but until I restart devd manually the above action does not occur (when 
i open the lid). It works fine after devd is restarted.

How can i get devd to behave how I want it to on its initial startup?


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