On recent crashes

Gary Mu1der gmulder at infotechfl.com
Tue Jun 28 17:02:31 GMT 2005

Matt Juszczak wrote:
>> I can't reproduce the crash with a non-SMP GENERIC kernel.
>> Gary
> So does this mean my problem is nagios?

Couldn't say, but I would think not. Nagios should be running as an 
unprivileged user so it really shouldn't be crashing FreeBSD.

However I'm fairly certain I can crash my SMP FreeBSD 5.4 server with 
enough ping activity over time, which indicates a bug somewhere in the 
network stack (maybe a race condition, given that it requires a SMP 
kernel). Nagios with a lot of hosts sends a lot of pings, which would 
imply that Nagios could eventually crash the server as well.

However you said that Nagios process itself died - that would indicate 
some other problem w/Nagios.


ps. now testing FreeBSD 4.11 SMP with 130+ simultaneous ping/arp -d's 
(50,000 context switches a second!) and it has been rock solid for 30 
minutes. 5.4 would crash within 60 seconds.

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