Possibly silly question. . .

Bryan Maynard bryan.maynard at reallm.com
Tue Jun 28 16:50:06 GMT 2005

Hey all, I was just looking through the ports collection to portinstall 
Kopete, but I couldn't find it! I checked the spelling and capitalization to 
make sure I was entering my search correct, and I was.

I know Kopete is availible - I've used it in a previous install. It's just 
been a while since I tried to install it. My current install had to be very 
minimal, so I've been adding things as I need them.

I know this is silly and I'm sorry. I'd really appreciate a little help 
jogging my memory, thanks! :-D


P.S. I tried running "kopete" and "Kopete" from the Run Command dialog to see 
if I already had it installed but to no avail. I am running FreeBSD 
5.4-STABLE #3: Fri Jun 17 12:58:02 UTC 2005 (according to uname) and KDE 3.4.
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