OpenSSL Error compiling Ruby

Calvin Hendryx-Parker calvin at
Tue Jun 28 16:29:57 GMT 2005

Calvin Hendryx-Parker wrote:
> I have a fresh install machine of 5.4 that I'm trying to install 
> portupgrade onto, but it keeps erroring out on the lang/ruby18 package. 
>  Has anyone else run into this problem:
> ossl_x509cert.c: In function `ossl_x509_get_signature_algorithm':
> ossl_x509cert.c:316: error: structure has no member named `algorithm'
> *** Error code 1
> ossl_x509crl.c: In function `ossl_x509crl_get_signature_algorithm':
> ossl_x509crl.c:172: error: structure has no member named `algorithm'

Figured out the problem was a corrupt install of FreeBSD.  The 
headerfile was messed up.  make buildworld and installworld and it was 
all better.


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