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> I say get rid of the ISP and find a better one. Any ISP that actively
>blocks port 80-a port which should be allowed as a backup port for
>programs-isn't really setup correctly and I doubt that they have all
>of your best interests in mind when making decisions.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:12:05 AM

Getting a new ISP is not really an option. They are my local cable
company. Ipso facto, they have a de facto monopoly on cable in this
region. I cannot simply shop for another service.

Actually, they are a pretty good company. Their service is good, and
they are willing to work with me on most issues. They will even sell me
a static IP is I am willing to fork over $25 additional each month.

In addition to port 80, they also block port 25. This sort of behavior
is becoming an industrial standard now with cable companies. The
blocking of port 25 has to do with the 'worm' problem a few years ago.
The port 80 blocking is more attuned to greed I believe, but that is pure

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