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Tue Jun 28 09:18:44 GMT 2005

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:02:11 -0700
Gary Kline <kline at tao.thought.org> wrote:

> 	People,
> 	As an experiment I build squirrelmail on my laptop which is
> 	on my internal net.  I chose sendmail; but the ./configure 
> 	section also required that I use IMAP.  Everything went well
> 	until I tried to login.  No joy.  I admit that I'm pretty 
> 	clueless re POP3 or IMAP.  Can anybody help me?  
> 	If I install  squirrelmail on my primary server would I be
> 	rid of IMAP? Or is there a better mail program with a web
> 	interface.
> 	thanks for a flashlight:-)


(http://ilohamail.org/main.php) ilohamail is able to do pop3 and
imap, it will also allow you to use your sendmail for sending :)

It is in ports under /usr/ports/mail/ilohamail so just a simple "make
install clean" should get you setup and installed.

Its very easy to configure, once its installed. There are really only
two main files you need to change which are, conf.inc and login.inc both
of these are well commented so should be pretty easy to change.

Anyways have fun :)

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