RAID Cards

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Tue Jun 28 04:38:42 GMT 2005

Option 6 for Freebsd boot up screen is "drop to boot commandline".
It basically lets you set certain options so the  system can load properly.
I.E. it's running 100% off the CD at that moment and if you want to turn
acpi off prior to boot you can.

Fail because whatever Linux I try (I prefer FreeBSD) the OS can't see the
raid as a valid drive. Each OS asks what drive to install to but when you
look to choose which one the Raid is never in the list of option to begin
loading on.

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> > I can say my experience with adaptec 3200s cards has not been the most
> > fruitful. It's been 2 weeks now and I cannot even get my system to load
> past
> > the initial bootup options screen. Anything but option 6 fails. The sad
> > thing is I have a driver but I need to load some kind of os on the
> system or
> > I cannot load my driver.
> >
> 	Fails how? I was not able to boot 5.4 with my Adaptec 3210S
>    installed. I believe the best I got was a hang or a panic. I finally
>    got the system to behave when I added OPTION ASR_TOOLS to the kernel.
> 	What is option 6 in the boot screen?
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