Still trying to get my site up!

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> My new problem is how do I do an FTP into the site. 

Well, you first have to FTP into as the FTP protocol
does not have any way to create a redirect the way that dydns is doing
for you with their web server.

Second, if your ISP is so stupid as to block incoming port 80 yet allow
people to run web servers on any other port number, then it is quite likely
that they are stupid enough to block incoming port 21 (the FTP port) yet
allow incoming FTP on any other port.

In which case you just run your ftp daemon and your command line ftp
client program with the -P option and choose some convenient port number.

>I just tried using
>WS~Pro from a WixXP machine, but that failed.

Don't know about that one however the WS_FTP that is the freeware one
has a Advanced tab on the site config that allows you to specify the
remote port.


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