web mail interface program.

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Tue Jun 28 03:17:49 GMT 2005

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>	People,
>	As an experiment I build squirrelmail on my laptop which is
>	on my internal net.  I chose sendmail; but the ./configure 
>	section also required that I use IMAP.  Everything went well
>	until I tried to login.  No joy.  I admit that I'm pretty 
>	clueless re POP3 or IMAP.  Can anybody help me?  
>	If I install  squirrelmail on my primary server would I be
>	rid of IMAP? Or is there a better mail program with a web
>	interface.

Just about all the webmail programs I've looked at require an imap
server.  Neomail is one that does not, and will use just a pop3


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