freebsd as the basis for something better?

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On Jun 27, 2005, at 11:01 AM, Nikolas Britton wrote:
> To bring UNIX to the masses one of the first things we need to do is
> make installing and running apps easy. Right now we are in what once
> was called "DLL Hell" in windows 3.x, is this the best we can do? Hard
> drive space is a non issue today so what is wrong with making fat
> binaries that that have all the dependencies compiled into one file.
> Another apple idea is making the binaries platform independent so it
> will run on an i386, ppc, sparc, etc. This is the biggest problem I
> have with UNIX.
> Step 1: Download the app from developer foo's website.
> Step 2: Double click on the app.
> Step 3: The app launches and the dam thing just works.
> What is so hard about this guys?
> Anyways... here's a cool video from back in the day, 1991 (DOS 5.0 and
> windows 3.0 in microsoft's timeline), with steve jobs demoing
> NeXTSTEP. Microsoft's windows still can't do some of the stuff they
> where doing back in 91. It a quicktime video btw:

Is there any wonder that the people who have already brought "Unix"  
to the masses is Steve Jobs and the historical descendent to OpenStep  
(NEXTStep) -- Mac OS X?

Most of what is described above exists in OS X already.


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