wireless config in dhclient.conf (CURRENT)

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Mon Jun 27 15:24:16 GMT 2005


I have a problem configuring dhclient for my wireless interface, ath, on
-CURRENT. I updated my system recently and are now using the port of
dhclient from OpenBSD.

I have a Comtrend DSL/AP on channel 11 with ssid ISPY, my wired server 
(FBSD 5.4) is running isc-dhcpd v. 3. My neighbour has a 3Com DSL/AP on 
channel 6 with default configuration, running a dhcp server. On my 
laptop I have a 3Com PCMCIA card, ath0.

According to the documentation I can find on the web, I should include 
an entry in /etc/dhclient.conf like:

interface "ath0" {
     media "ssid ISPY mode 11g";

but doing so dhclient fails to get a lease on boot. Instead it enters
into an "infinite" loop (long, I eventually pressed CRTL-C), changing 
link state to up, sending one dhcp request, and changing linkstate to 
down. This does not change if I include a "channel 11" in the media line.

Since configuration failed the interface is not configured and dhclient 
is not running. If I log in and run dhclient it fails as above - no 

If I manually set ssid and mode, then I can run dhclient at it 
associates and gets a lease as it should.

If I leave no configuration, it sometimes picks up my neighbours AP and 
get a lease from that - his signal is at times stronger than my own 
(probably Comtrend crap against 3Com).

How do I correctly configure dhclient for my wireless nic so it 
associates with my network?

Thanks, Erik

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