buildworld problem

ANdrei arusan at
Mon Jun 27 15:23:49 GMT 2005


i have a problem, that I think is probably just a mistake in the way I do 
am trying to buildworld on a 5.2.1-release (have done build world several 
times with success on 4.x).... the system is a fresh install. i go to single 
user, and I get

 rm: ipf: is a directory

as an error.
...this is happening in the "make cleandir" part already... but it doesn't 
happen when in multiuser mode... actually in multiuser mode "make clean" and 
"make cleandir" work well...

if I bypass this by "DNOCLEAN" i get to the next error (in single and 
multiuser mode):

"===> rescue/rescue
 make: don't know how to make build-tools. Stop
 *** Error code 2

what am I doing wrong? I did cvsup on the src, docs, ports for the i386 last 
4days, always the same...
it's a celeron 400MHz, 768MB RAM etc... nothing unusual, and it's obviusly 
not a hardware problem :)

please CC me on answers, as I am not subscribed to this list...

The problem with our world is stupidity.  I'm not saying there should
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