4 GB file limit? (WAS gzip from ports vs gzip from system)

Norberto Meijome freebsd at meijome.net
Mon Jun 27 13:20:54 GMT 2005

Sean Hafeez wrote:
> windows limit. 4gb file size limit.
Hi Sean,
I wish it was as simple as blaming MS for this one, but no - i tested 
this locally on the w2k box (dd cmd making 5 GB file), and then by 
actually running the dump | gzip > nfs_share (7 GB .gz)  but using nfs 
v3, mounted by hand instead of via amd.

I still dont know whether the problem was v2, which supposedly has a 2 
GB limit, or amd, but mounting the share via /etc/fstab with options 
-3,-d,rw worked just fine.


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