Xvnc + inetd

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Mon Jun 27 08:03:28 GMT 2005

duckeo wrote:

>>    I don't know anything in general to accomplish X forwarding (except
>>paid for solutions such as Reflection X, Hummingbird, etc), so maybe
>>going with VNC is a good idea. So I suggest setting up everything
>>described in the HOWTO, but have SSH keys setup so then people don't
>>have to worry about 'annoying' password based logins via SSH. Read
>>http://www.jfitz.com/tips/ssh_for_windows.html#Automatic_login for more
>>details on how to do this via putty. The only thing I can think of
>>that's causing issues is maybe kdm isn't running on port 177. Have you
>>attempted setting it up to listen on port 177, and also have you checked
>>to see if login via the local box is possible? 
>KDM is definately listening, UDP 177:
>frisbee# netstat -aln
>Active Internet connections (including servers)
>Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address        (state)
>tcp4       0      0  *.5961                 *.*                    LISTEN
>udp6       0      0  *.177                                         *.*   
>5861 being VNC, 177 being XDMCP.
>I can't VNC from the local box, is there a way I can test local login
>to KDM from the command line? I'm working on it remotely at the
>moment, SSH'd in from Windows.
Anything X related needs to be run through a running X server; command 
line invocations aren't possible. You can try running vncserver though 
and then VNC into the server at the display as root to see if your VNC 
server config at least works. vncserver -localhost is your friend in 
this case :).

>Just a thought, would the fact that it's listening on UDP6 be a factor?
Shouldn't be I would think. Well, as long as identd knew that it was UDP 
and not TCP and Xvnc was catching the listening port correctly :P. 
Besides, UDP[v]6 supports UDP[v]4, correct? I would sure hope so... And 
judging by the HOWTO it's supposed to do that.

>Xvnc is the binary, vncserver is a longish script I'm sifting through.
>It appears it just has a bunch of default settings in there, what I
>might do is try to modify one or two and see if the
>/root/.vnc/xstartup is having an effect (being invoked).
    Take a look in there, but not too hard. Try logging in 'single user 
mode' by invoking vncserver directly as root, or attempt calling 
vncserver from within inetd.conf as opposed to Xvnc, just for testing's 
    One thing I find interesting is that Xvnc is being called as user 
'nobody' and not root, so therein may lie your issue ;). Therefore, 
creating an additional unprivileged user and then creating all the 
necessary settings for that user and configuring inetd to call Xvnc as 
your user may serve to be the solution you're looking for.

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