VNC multiplexer

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Mon Jun 27 06:42:54 GMT 2005

On 6/26/05, Anthony Chavez <acc at> wrote:
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> Hi, all.
> Slightly off-topic here, but I thought I might get a better (and more
> relevant) response from here rather than a more general VNC
> list/newsgroup.
> I've got a client that would like to be able to connect to VNC servers
> behind a FreeBSD gateway.  Said servers are assigned dynamic IPs via
> DHCP, so port mapping (via pf) is not an option (AFAIK).  However, we
> intend to make use of dynamic DNS, so they will at least have hostnames.

Why can't you just give them static mappings. On my networks I use
DHCP for everything.
I then tell my DHCP/DNS server (m0n0wall) to reserve and only give
this ip address to server x or printer y put it bluntly...

> One solution we've considered is setting up a multiplexer of sorts that
> would enable users of VNC client apps to pick and choose which machine
> to connect to inside the LAN per session, but I'm curious to know if
> such a thing (or something similar) exists already.

I've never heard of such a device

> I'd be very interested in knowing what solutions any of you may have
> come with to tackle this problem.

DNS..... ummmm what about setting up a web page where the user can
click on which server to connect to (you will still need DNS or Static
mappings) and then it opens up in a java VNC client?

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