How to go about the installation

Jayesh Jayan jayesh.jayan at
Mon Jun 27 05:03:46 GMT 2005


I am bit new to freebsd. I would like to install FreeBSD with below 
specifications. How do I go about it.

My Hardware -- a dell server with below configuration.

 CPU: Dual Xeon 3.0GHz/2MB Cache
RAM: 2GB (with room to grow to 12GB)
Drive: 3 x 73GB SCSI with RAID 5 config
Power: Dual power supply
Rack: 2U and the server can take 6 drives.

So can please let me know on how to go about installing freebsd 5.3 on the 
above configuration with RAID 5 hardware.

Thank you.

Jayesh Jayan

"Get a life or die trying!"

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