Best hardware to mirror IDE drives under FreeBSD?

Brett Glass brett at
Sun Jun 26 20:49:31 GMT 2005

At 12:39 PM 6/26/2005, Mike Maltese wrote:
>Brett Glass wrote:
>>I need to set up a FreeBSD server with two or more sets of
>>mirrored drives. What is the best controller to use for this
>>purpose? Note that I don't need striping or other RAID
>>functions -- just mirroring, hopefully with hot swap capability.
>>A system that could re-mirror a replacement drive with minimal
>>impact on performance would be ideal.
>The 3ware 7000 series cards work great. Not sure about hot swap with IDE though. I'd go with a 8000 series card and SATA drives for that.

I have heard (though I have no direct experience with it) that the 3Ware
controllers bog the system down terribly when re-mirroring. Also, these
controllers are probably optimized for RAID 5 rather than simple mirroring.
Do you know if Promise or Adaptec has something that just mirrors?


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