4 GB file limit? (WAS gzip from ports vs gzip from system)

Norberto Meijome freebsd at meijome.net
Sun Jun 26 16:07:28 GMT 2005

Garrett Cooper wrote:

>    I am not entirely sure what the issue may be, but NTFS does 
> definitely support file sizes beyond 2 Gb; I think that the only FS'es 
> that don't do that still are Fat based or ext2, but I could be wrong.
u're right.

>    Also, I'm not entirely sure which version of NFS that the SFU NFS 
> runs (other than it's some sort of PCNFS), and I have certainly not 
> tried transferring over 2 Gb of data to Windows NFS shares in the past, 

no, tested 2 and 3 GB...4 seemed to be the new barrier. the version I 
run (see other posting) supports nfs v3.

> but here's what I might suggest doing to remedy this issue:
>    1. Split up data before the 2 Gb point (dd, truncate, or what have 
> you is your friend in this case).
>    2. Send data to Windows NFS share.
>    3. Download and setup Cygwin.
>    4. 'Recompile' everything back into its original file, if you wish, 
> using tools in Cygwin such as cat.

yeah, that is my last resort. Right now, I disabled amd, mounted via 
mount_nfs forcing nfs3 (which should be default for mount_nfs, but not 
amd)...and it's been running nicely...it has just crossed the 4 GB point 
where it was diying before, so that's definitely progress.

Now to figure out amd.conf and force nfs3 for this server. And to figure 
out why only under 10Mbps transfers via nfs (on a 100Mbps link...when I 
can get scp transfers at 40 Mbps....)...

thanks for ur suggestions and time,Garrett.

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