Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Sun Jun 26 14:09:02 GMT 2005

Vic FreeBSD wrote:
> I need to compile some of my pet programs from the ports according to specific 
> configure options valid of course for each of them (I mean the options that 
> go with the "make" command).
> Somewhere in the internet I read something about an /etc/pkgtool.conf allowing 
> those tailoring but looking for /etc/pkgtool.conf both in and 
> in the internet I could find pieces of rubbish only, it al seems to be 
> vanished.  

Ciao Vic,

install either of the following ports:
sysutils/port-maintenance-tools (which is a meta port for portuprade and 
  some of its friends).

then you'll find


and a default conf too.

I found it best to get all the right options I wanted for a port (or if 
i couldn't find exactly all the options I needed...) to run a make, 
select the options needed, accept, (then cancel if u want). The options 
u selected get saved in /var/db/ports/[PORT_NAME]/options . simply 
reformat the lines in the options file and put them in your 
pkgtools.conf and u're set.
You should also pay special attention to the messages that are >>stdout 
when you start compiling,as they usually show you other useful options.

BTW, I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think that pkgtools.conf is only 
read by the port* tools. so once you start using pkgtools.conf, you 
should install your ports with "portinstall section/port" rather than 
"cd section/port; make install".

Good luck,

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