PartitionMagic question

Iavor Raytchev pobox at
Sun Jun 26 12:46:41 GMT 2005

Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> I'll take the opposite approach and let 
>> them fixed (I am still just playing) so that we can make also "the 
>> other" experience.
>> Iavor
> Something I've learned: Letting PM actually 'fix' an issue with a 
> non-standard Windows based MBR is _not_ a good idea. That's toasted 
> several grub installs of mine as well as other things. So, if everything 
> works, such that all partitions are usable as they should be, one should 
> leave them well enough alone. Partition Magic can't keep up with the 
> large degree of FS'es/configurations, so in many cases it in fact behind 
> in development on the Unix support end by a large degree.
> -Garrett

I am not sure I understand the MBR part. I left the NTLDR to handle the 
dual boot (by copying boot1 to C: and adding a line to boot.ini) as 
ThinkPad has special boot loader that can boot from the restore 
partition by pressing F11 at boot time. I could not make another boot 
loader to boot the restore partition. It is somehow special. So the MBR 
is standard.

I can see the point about PartitionMagic not understanding many 
FS'es/configurations. PM marks partitions it does not understand in 
yellow ("other"). Just I was wondering why after creating the FreeBSD 
partition with the partition utility that is part of the FreeBSD 
installation process - PartitionMagic found "problems" outside the 
FreeBSD partition. Isn't the partitions table kind of "international" 
territory where FreeBSD should touch only its own "land"?

Is there a tool for management of mixed NTFS, FreeBSD and FAT32 
partitions without such headaches or one should just get used to live 
with them? It is hard to add second HDD to a laptop...

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