Xvnc + inetd

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Sun Jun 26 12:18:12 GMT 2005

Ken Quach wrote:

>I'm trying to turn FreeBSD5.4 into a 'terminal server' of sorts,
>allowing users to VNC in to access various network related utilities.
>What I'm seeing is a gray screen when connecting into vnc, which I
>know is indicative of not having a window manager set up.
>My question is when running xvnc through inetd, I can specify which
>user to run it as.
>I've tried using root and nobody, as well as a 'vnc' user which I
>created. In all cases it seems not to read the ~/.vnc/xstartup file as
>I expect it would (e.g. /root/.xvnc/xstartup).
>I've followed various guides to ensure settings are correct but now I'm stumped.
>Various config files are below. Any ideas as to what else I need to change?
Uhm, why not just use kdm? It appears that all you need is a X[dm] login 
based server and you don't need Xvnc at all. Refer to ssh's information 
on X port forwarding and info on how to setup kdm properly.

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