Intel SE7320VP2 board + Marvell 88E8050 nic.

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Sun Jun 26 09:30:21 GMT 2005

The 88E8050 is a PCI Express nic, the Marvel chip that Dmitry listed
the 88E8001, is a regular PCI chip.  Here are the spec sheets on these:

Other than that, they are both Marvel Yukon chips so it might be possible
that they are the same chips, just different pci busses that they

The SE7320VP2 motherboard uses the E7320 chipset (Lindenhurst)  Support
for the memory-mapped PCI Express configuration mechanism was added to
FreeBSD 5 in December 2004 for only the Grantsdale and Lindenhurst
You can see the complete comment for this here:

This first showed up in the FreeBSD 5.4 release.

The first problem is that the sk0 driver most likely does not
have the pci chip ID in it for the onboard Marvel 88E8050.  It might be
possible to get this with pciconf and add it to the if_sk code in
usr/src/sys/pci to get the driver to attach.

If your really lucky then the sk driver will be able to set it up.
If your not as lucky then the driver might need to use the configuration
mechanism to setup the hardware, in which case you probably can
e-mail Scott Long for some patches.  If your really unlucky then
the 2 chipsets are way too different and you would need to write in
support to the sk device driver.

Do you have 5.4 running on this motherboard at the current time?


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>Hi all,
>I am not quite sure if this question belongs on freebsd-questions@ or
>freebsd-current@ , but I will try here first.
>Does anyone know the status of the support for Marvell gigabit nic's ?
>Escpecially the ones that is shipped with the Intel SE7320VP2
>Server board
>which is Marvell 88E8050.
>I read in the archives that somebody is busy working on it, but
>I can not
>seem to locate any more info on this.
>Basically I do not care if there is support for 1000Mbit, I just want to
>use the card, even if it is in 100Mbit mode. :)
>I want to use this on 5.4-STABLE or maybe 6-CURRENT, seeing
>that 6-CURRENT
>is more or less stable (well, way more than 5-CURRENT was in the early
>days anyway :P ).
>Does anyone perhaps know if this is possible?
>Thank you in advance.
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