Portupgrade in Xfree86 pkg failed

Warren shinjii at virusinfo.rdksupportinc.com
Sun Jun 26 05:32:15 GMT 2005

> >On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 9:33 am, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> >> If you had mentioned in the beginning that this system was upgraded
> >> from 4 you would have never spawned this discussion.  Since you don't
> >> like the discussion perhaps that is a lesson to you to make more
> >> complete questions, no?
> >>
> >> Ted
> >
> >If thats what you want to believe, who am i to argue :)
> It was just a question, not a statement.  No I guess, then.  Figures.
> Ted

In all the time of asking for various help and providing details, the fact of 
if the machine has been upgraded has never been relevant and was still not 
relevant in the end.  The fact was the discussion was about why i was 
bothering with XFree86 on a 5.x when xorg is def which had completly no 
bearing on the inital problem. But i ended up getting the help i needed.
Yours Sincerely

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