ATA drive locking FreeBSD 5.4 system

Rod Person rodperson at
Sat Jun 25 19:44:47 GMT 2005

I just add a 160GB ATA133 drive to my system. On this system I have an IDE DVD 
burner on IDE channel 1. The 160GB drive is on IDE channel 2. When ever I try 
to copy any data from the DVD drive to the 160GB hard drive the system locks 
up. All I can do is a hard reboot.

I have the follow sysctl in my loader.conf


I've tried to set hw.ata.wc=0 an hw.ata.ata_dma=0, but still the machine 

The machine is an older dual PIII and the IDE busses max rate is UDMA33. All 
the other drives on the system are SCSI U160 and I have no problem copying to 
the drives from the DVD drive.

Anyone have suggestions or a way around this other than only using the SCSI 
drvie to copy from the DVD?? Otherwise, It look as though I'll need a new 
machine for the ata133 drive because all my PCI slots are filled!!

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