upgrading all ports

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at dial.pipex.com
Sat Jun 25 16:42:46 GMT 2005

Erik Nørgaard wrote:

> Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
>> I want to do a portupgrade on all installed ports.
>> What's the right way?
>>     "portupgrade -arR ?"
>>     or
>>     "portupgrade -a" ?
>> I hesitate and don't want to screw up my machine.
> portupgrade isn't suitable for upgrading the entire machine, even 
> though you do recursive and Recursive.

What, in your opinion, makes it unsuitable?  I've used portugrade 
exclusively and never had trouble.

Portmanager, on the other hand, core dumped the very first time I ran 
it.  A send-pr was closed with a message to contact the port maintainer, 
and an email to the port maintainer never received a reply.  Didn't 
exactly inspire my confidence.

In reply to the original question, I would use -arR, but only after 
reading /usr/ports/UPDATING.  If there are a lot to do, I tend to only 
do a few at a time.  Nor do I ever "automate" the process by trying to 
run it from a cronjob or similar, a) because some ports have a habit of 
stopping to ask you questions and b) because I don't always want to 
upgrade everything.  If something is critical to me (e.g. Mozilla) I 
want the time to evaluate that the upgrade worked, and not have it 
happen without me realising right in the middle of being busy with 
something more important.


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