Need help with DSL setup in FreeBSD 5.4

Mario Hoerich lists at
Sat Jun 25 14:34:30 GMT 2005

# anand srikantaiah:
>  I was using RedHat 7.3 for past 1 Year ans now switched to FreeBSD. I am 
> not able to configure my DSL conectin can any one help please

Since you're a bit sparse on details, I can only suggest to read

My own /etc/ppp/ppp.conf looks like this:

    set device PPPoE:ed0
    set MTU 1492
    set MRU 1492
    set dial
    set crtscts off
    set speed sync
    accept lqr
    disable deflate
    disable pred1
    disable vjcomp
    disable acfcomp
    disable protocomp
    disable ipv6cp
    set log Chat Connect Radius Phase LCP IPCP CCP Warning Error Alert
    set ifaddr
    add default HISADDR
    set login
    set authname  <username> 
    set authkey   <password>
Maybe this'll get you started.
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