matlab mex files on FreeBSD

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Sat Jun 25 13:49:51 GMT 2005

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Subject: matlab mex files on FreeBSD

> Has anyone managed to get matlab mex files compiling and running properly 
> with matlab on FreeBSD?

I'm still interested in this question because I don't know if my solution 
below totally solves the problem.

> I suppose the problem is that matlab is a Linux binary and matlab is 
> running in Linux ABI mode, but the compiler is compiling to FreeBSD 
> native, or something?

It's obvious that this was the problem, one can fix it by changing the 
compilers pointed to
in the glnx86 section of




and possibly

FC='/compat/linux/usr/bin/f77' (not sure if this is necessary because I 
didn't try compiling fortran files yet)

Just changing the compiler seems to work, at least for simple files anyway. 
If anyone else has experience, please let me know.


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