upgrading all ports

albi at scii.nl albi at scii.nl
Sat Jun 25 11:30:09 GMT 2005

On Sat, 25 Jun 2005 13:22:56 +0200
Dick Hoogendijk <dick at nagual.st> wrote:

> I want to do a portupgrade on all installed ports.
> What's the right way?
> 	"portupgrade -arR ?"
> 	or
> 	"portupgrade -a" ?
> I hesitate and don't want to screw up my machine.

do you want to upgrade all upgradable ports on your machine ?

i use portmanager -u   and/or   portupgrade -arvy

i've started using portmanager since i've read good things about it many
times, and it does indeed handle dependencies better than portupgrade

however, if portmanager ends up with errors i use e.g. portupgrade -rf
postgrey* to correct those errors

i like the combination of both

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