Gnome2 Hangs at Splash Screen

Lawrence Petrykanyn lawrence.petrykanyn at
Sat Jun 25 01:41:28 GMT 2005


            I can’t seem to get Gnome2 to work.  I installed FreeBSD 5.4
from scratch, installed Xorg (it works fine, I can get into Xterm) and ran
CVS (for both source and ports) and portupgrade several times.   When I try
to “startx” either as root or as a user, I get the initial Gnome 2.10 Splash
Screen but nothing else.  The mouse works fine.  When I Ctl+Alt+Backspace to
get out, there are no error messages.  I did a “make deinstall” for Gnome2,
then a “make install clean” but nothing changed.

            I have googled this but have found nothing.  Any advice,
suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

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