Does Firefox 1.0.4 suck, or is it just me ?

Chris racerx at
Fri Jun 24 13:07:53 GMT 2005

Jeff MacDonald wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the help folks. I did the unthinkable and put xp back on ;)
> I have a bsd server or 4 in my house so i'll let them do what they do,
> and let xp do what it does.
> Konqueror : No. Can't. It doesn't support all JS and we're a web shop.
> You can argue with me "yes it does" but i'll say "no it doesn't, i've
> seen first hand"
> Fresh BSD System : 5.4 - Yup. did a cvsup, then install firefox , then
> portupgrade
> Re profile issue : I wasn't running thunderbird, maybe you meant .mozilla
> RW: glad to hear it works for you, that's no help to me tho.
> Eric : wasn't memory usage, i have a gig of ram and the system was not
> being heavily taxed at all.
> Thing is, I'm a perl programmer in a web-app shop. So using the
> opposite of what most of my clients use, I guess wasn't that great of
> a plan. Maybe some day they'll release a WinXP with FreeBSD running
> the underbelly. HA ;)
> Thanks tho guys. 
> Jeff.

Jeff - Sorry, my mistake. However, the same does hold true. No doubt you 
figured that anyways. Sorry to see that happen. I will agree on the 
js/java issue. It's never worked for me neither. When I happen to run 
across a site the uses tings of that nature, I skip it.

As for you - so goes the saying, When in Rome...
At least you gave it a good go at it. That's all anyone can ask.


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