Supporting Hardware RAID1 at Intel SRCS16 controller by FreeBSD 5.4 Release

Карпов Евгений prog at
Fri Jun 24 09:10:16 GMT 2005

Hello. I'm using a pare of SATA Disks as RAID1 (Mirrored) Array on Intel SRCS16 controller. And I  made this type of array in a BIOS of a controller. Then I had install a FreeBSD 5.4 Release I had not one disk (such ar0), but 2 different disks (such ad4 and ad6) .

So If i will be use atacontrol programm to create and manage my array - will it be positioning as SOFTWARE or HARDWARE type of RAID1?

AND where is the way to create and manage realy HARDWARE RAID1 on SRCS16 for using it with FreeBSD 5.4?

The intel corp. support redirect me to FreeBSD Site with following notice :
Pleas note that FreeBSD* 5.4 has not been validated on the Intel(R) RAID Controller SRCS16 nor the Intel(R) Server Board SE7320VP2, because of this we do not have drivers, or best-known methods for supporting this Operating System.

is That realy thing.? I heared that drivers must be in box cd


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