Building applications on BSD software

Chris Palm cpalm at
Fri Jun 24 06:12:44 GMT 2005


I am writing a b-school paper on the use of open source software 
components and libraries used in and distributed with a company's 
applications, and the legal copyright and other business issues that arise.

What kinds of distribution requirements in terms of licensing would be 
in place around distributing one of BSD's libraries? If a company was to 
want to leverage and distribute these libraries with its products, what 
would that company have to do?

Would you be willing to share a licensing agreement for BSD components?

I found your legal page, but was unclear as to whether a third party 
developer would use the the GNU or not.

The reason I ask for this is I want to see how viable a software product 
can be if it includes and is built in part on third party libraries. I 
have chosen BSD simply because a member of our class project team is 
familiar with it from a past life. We would be happy to share our report 
with your team after completion.

Thank you, in advance, for any and all help you can provide on this.

Best Regards,

Chris Palm

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