Does Firefox 1.0.4 suck, or is it just me ?

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at
Thu Jun 23 21:12:24 GMT 2005

Jeff MacDonald wrote:

> I'm running the firefox 1.0.4 from ports. When I open new tabs up, or
> new windows the whole jobby tends to freeze up on me pretty hard.

Could be memory shortage. I have found opening tabs to be far faster 
than opening new windows which makes my firefox hang.

Also, I have noted certain web pages seem to hang the browser while 
loading, including opening new tabs, however I believe it to be bad web 

Most anoying however is, when I open a new tab - I have a blank page as 
start page - it hangs until that blank page is "loaded" before allowing 
me to enter a url.

> I tried the linux version from ports, which is just a precompiled
> version 1.0 it works great, only hitch is that Everytime i click my
> icon to run linux-firefox it asks me which profile to use, since
> default is already being used.

This hitch is with linux and native version as well as mozillas suite, 
it's due to file locking. Thing is that the running process will be 
unaware of any changes to config files bookmarks etc. For the same 
reason, you sometimes have to remove a "lock" file if firefox crashes.

Certainly, it could be solved more elegantly with some IPC signal to the 
running process opening a new window. This should be trivial since 
something similar is used to make thunderbird open a mail editor when 
you click a mailto: link in the browser, and similarly, thunderbird can 
force opening a webpage from the reader.

> I'm really loving haveing FreeBSD as a desktop, but this is a tad
> frustrating, if anyone can shed some light that would be great.

Honestly, you must be the owner of a rare specie of perfectly running XP 
if these issues are what keeps you from using FBSD on your desktop.

Cheers, Erik

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