syslog is missing?, was: Re: freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 100, Issue 15

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Jun 23 16:46:52 GMT 2005

Sadashiv Kulthe wrote:
> I come to know that My system do not have "Syslog" daemon or command.
> Now I want to install port or package will give me syslog command.
> Please suggest me, how can I find specific port name, which will give
> me desired command on my system.

Perhaps you're looking for /usr/bin/logger?

FreeBSD comes with syslog as part of the base system.  If you update your 
system via a buildworld/buildkernel cycle, you will end up installing syslogd, 
logger, and friends if they are actually missing.


PS: You gain +1 karma for not quoting the entire digest.  :-)

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